Strain Review: Strawnanna

Strain Review: Strawnanna

Looking for a Sweet Fruity Flavour with High THC content? Strawnanna is latest Hybrid Strain exclusively available from Next Day WeedStrawberry Banana is nice mellow high that produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

Looks and Smells

The flowers are a light yellow and green mixed with medium green and light brown hairs. This First batch sample of Strawnanna from NDWUK is sticky with resin and the smell is fantastic…

Smells like an Angel took a Poo, this strain smells very fruity almost like Strawberry Banana. I got a bit of the Strawberry taste from smoking, very pleasant! I almost never cough anymore but this one got me coughing a bit. I’m a daily smoker so I was bit surprised, so I decided to slow down my pace and make it easy with this one!

The Onset!

Strong, immediate come on that’s wide-eyed and vivid. Emotions are encouraging and surge with happiness. The world around you becomes more meaningful, giving everything an intriguing depth that’s exciting to be drawn into. The high from Strawnanna injects incredible amounts of emotional investment into visuals and music – making them effect you deeply.

Head is quite gone and distant, which pairs wonderfully with its cozy physical relaxation and soaring euphoric excitement. One of the trippiest and most dissociative strains you’ll ever try. Visuals and music is fascinatingly accented – utterly transfixing to explore.

The onset leaves you feeling very focused, inspirational, creative, euphoric high, which melts into a gentle relaxation and then into some serious munchies.


Strawnanna is one of those strains. It would be great for someone who has appetite problems but doesn’t deal with nausea issues. The kush effects kicked in after a snack and it made me really sleepily and thick brained, but really relaxed for about an hour. I was able to power through the grogginess and brain fog and am writing this review on the other side.

Everything was fine until about 30 mins later when it hit me more so, considering that I did have a couple of extra hits. My inner voice started going on almost like what it would say if you would have a freak out on weed, but it was controllably. Nothing scary, but just fun, loopy and funny!

Then the visuals started in and I had auditory hallucinations where I clearly heard music in the room. Could have to do with the fact that I spent a better part of the day doing just exactly that, listening to music and watching cool visuals, its like De-Ja-Vu but like Time Travel!

I ended up with a very peaceful and happy mood, its one of the best strains I’ve smoked in a long time. I would definitely recommend it, expecially since I had to request an additional batch to complete this review. You will be in for a breath taking interesting spiritual journey!


Overall, Strawnanna has several outstanding qualities. This smell and the favor alone make this a stand out. I recommend this strain if you want intense munchies, but you might want to get the munchies out first as there was a longish cough lock phase as well. No anxiety or paranoia for me with this strain. About a two hour migrating overall effect. Relaxing for both mind and body.

Review: Fantastic high. Floaty, light, breezy, energetic yet can also chill. Up lighting, a tad Euphoric. Tastes Amazing!

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