Vape Review: Cherry Pie

Vape Review: Cherry Pie

Strong hitting, long lasting head highs are what you can expect from this surprisingly strong e-Catridge. If you want to feel extremely upbeat and cheery, then Cherry Pie is for you! Maximum pain relief, muscle relaxant, and mind relaxation.

If you’ve never enjoyed vaping or have never tried it before definitely start off with my on How to use a THC Vape Pen like a Pro!, now you’ll want to get yourself a decent Vape Pen if you don’t already own one. At this point, can I just remind you that you will be using this Vape to smoke High Quality THC Cartridges and NOT Glycerin Based Nicotine E-Liquids so invest into you a good Vape Pen. I highly recommend The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen you can check out my Unboxing blog here

Getting starting with my new Brass Knuckles Vape Pen was super easy, once it was fully charged I got settled in for Vape session with a Special Delivery of Cherry Pie from your number one source of THC Vapes NDWUK – who else, right?

Since, I’d been smoking all day I decided to burn the Cherry Pie Cartridge at 4.1 V instead of the default.  What I got was nothing that I could have hoped from a Vape! Simply Incredible!

Very cloudy, I mean very Cloudy!!!! The Buzz is like your head is covered in cotton. Sound is sharp, but senses are so delayed that things feel a little numbed out.

Cherry Pie has a sweet berry aroma and a smooth thick smoke, effects are delayed slightly by a few minutes, and then it just keeps going on and on and on then finally peaks with it’s sativa-like euphoria and tingling body high that lasts for about an hour leading down to a mellow body buzz for another hour and a half.

Very smooth, and sweet-smelling. Makes things seem bright and airy. Promotes happiness and comfort. Good stuff for upbeat adventures, but also still a relaxing experience.


Strain is perfect for treating anxiety and lack of motivation. Anytime I used this strain I immediately could feel my body tingling and my creativity skyrocket. This strain is perfect for my day to day life as it relaxes you while still maintaining a clear headed feeling.

As a heavy weight even when I used larger doses I still felt motivated and often found myself wandering to my laptop and noteboook. This strain balances a beautiful light body high with a mild sedative nature which is what makes it so perfect.

Affects come on in few minutes making you feel relaxed and eutrophic. Very fruity tasting! Beware of the dry mouth, wow! Itza DRY! Great strain for daytime or nighttime!

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