Unboxing: The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen

Unboxing: The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen

The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen, technically referred to as “Brass Knuckles 900 may Adjustable Gold Battery“, is one of the best known brands in the market for high performance and superior quality vapes and accessories. The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen is exclusively available to NDWUK members and available for shipping worldwide! If you already don’t own one, check out my review and order on right away! Fire up a Gold Battery from Brass Knuckles and vape like royalty!

What is it?

Brass Knuckles Battery Gold 900 mAh comes with a standard 510 Thread and includes a genuine Brass Knuckles Surge Protected USB Charger. Its perfectly compatible with all 510 Thread Cartridges. With an impressive 4 hour charge time, you can be sure the adjustable voltages (Rapid Clicks) will efficiently deliver optimal levels of vapour.

About Brass Knuckles

Besides having a kick ass name and logo, Brass Knuckles was established in Los Angeles, and has quickly become the industry leader in Super Premium extracted cannabis oil products and accessroies. Real Purity. Real Integrity. No Nonsense! And thats exactly what you can expect from The Brass Knuckles Vape Pen!

Opening the Box!

Wow for the plastic case, you can tell from the word go these guys are all about quality and making long lasting products. I can already feel like this is going to be the last vape pen I’ll ever need! Its packed so well that you’ll need a Swiss Army Knife to open with it with precision and not ruin the great packaging! Careful not to rush, you don’t want to damage the Child Proof Casing you dodo!

Sleek & Sexy

The Unique Gold Finish, makes this Ultra Sleek Vape pen looking posh and very rich! Its attachable charger is wire free so make sure plug it away from any obstructions. And Yes, thats the first thing you should do is give a full 4 hour Charge before using it. Screw it into the provider USB Charger, please don’t try to substitute the original charger, these highly advanced batteries work best and last longer when charged and used as per the manufacturers guide, always complete the charge in full before first use! Yes, treat this Vape Pen just like your new phone… care, respect and love… its going to give back… in a great way… read on…

Both the LED on the charger and pen will turn Red when charging, and Amber on the charger when its fully charged.

How to use the Vape from the Future?

So as the box suggests, its simply 5 rapid clicks to run it on and five rapid click to turn it off. Lets go through that one more time, just so you get this right…  5 Rapid Clicks and you should see a Green Glow around the Ignitor Button! That means its on! You can recheck again by clicking once and if you see the Green Glow then its ON! Ok now time for the turn off practice, 5 Rapid Clicks… Green Glow slightly longer and it goes OFF! If you press the button when its not 5 RC’ed (*RC – Rapid Clicks) nothing happens.

Here’s a quick summary  5RC = ON, 5RC = OFF.

Adjusting the Voltage!

Remember RC? Rapid Clicks, incase you missed it! Now lets set the voltage, so start with 5 x RC to turn it ON, now pay attention here… 3 Rapid Clicks thats 3RC, now the Green Glow turns Blue! That means it will fire out at 3.2 V, this is the lowest voltage setting.

Now 3 Rapid Clicks again, the Blue Glow now turns Red! That means it will fire out at 4.1 V, this is the highest voltage setting.

Ok got it? 3RC = BLUE – 3.2V, 3RC = RED – 4.1V and 3 RC = GREEN (Default) – 3.7V. Clear enough?

The Magic Puff!

With a great range of e-Liquids and Vapes available exclusively at NDWUK, it was hard for me to narrow down the cartridge of choice for this amazing looking Magic Puff Gold Pen. Rather then stick to one, I went with NDWUK’s most popular Vape Cartridges based on our members orders.

Check out my Vape Review of the Platinum Raspberry Cookies Cartridge here. Stay tuned to my blog for all the latest reviews on all the different Vapes Pens I tried.

Real Fire, Knuckle Up!

Vaping has never looked more stylish than the Brass Knuckles Gold Battery! Even if you aren’t considering an upgrade, give this amazing Vape Pen a try… NDWUK is offering the Brass Knuckles Vape Pen at an exclusive price only available to members. Orders yours today!

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