Medicating and Meditating with Marijuana

Medicating and Meditating with Marijuana

Every wondered what its like to Meditate after smoking Marijuana? Wonder no more, your favourite Bud-tender Guavi take you on a journey that could become spiritual and enlightening. Meditation is quickly becoming a popular healing technique, making it increasingly likely that marijuana and mindfulness might just be a natural combination.

If you have read my blog about Smoking Weed in your Bathtub, you’ll know that I love to create new experiences and rituals. I recently picked up Meditation and after a few Micro-Dosing Sessions, I decided to clear up my afternoon, smoke up a large bowl of the good herb and drift away….

The strain you choose when you meditate steers your experience. Keep in mind that CBD is relaxing, but not intoxicating; the THC in weed is the part that gets you high—and for some like me, this is ideal. For my journey, I picked that special Bubba Kush (courtesy of Next Day Weed – your number 1 source for high quality marjiuana products online) that all of your have known to come and love…

Amplifying Effects

The fresh, oxygen-rich THC infused blood that flows into the extremities with every puff does its work faster on the mind and on the body. You may be wondering what that has to do with the spiritual effects of marijuana, the sacred herb, as an ally for awakening.

When we use cannabis meditatively, with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both shine a light on the illusions we carry and invite us to release into a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real. As with other entheogenic medicines, cannabis is a condensed and heightened mindfulness and awareness meditation.

Optimal Dosage

As a basic, open-ended starting point, you could say that optimal cannabis doses are determined by how much power you can and want to ride, from the gentlest caress to what you might call “healing doses,” where you work with energies powerful enough to dissolve the ego. And yes, in case that statement takes you aback, in some conditions the spiritual effects of cannabis are capable of dissolving ego into deep spiritual presence.

For a decent session, I recommend a decent sized bowl that will send into a whole new world of possibility. I also recommend that you use headphone while listening to meditation music (plenty available of YouTube, if you’re an experienced cosmonaut then definitely try searching ‘pineal gland activation medication music’)

Expand Consciousness

Get ready, get set… make sure you create the perfect environment, light a candle or burn incense… whatever gives it that ritual vibe. Keep your pipe or bong close enough, take your hit(s) and immediately close your eyes as your breath gently exhales that sweet smelling Bubba Kush

With eyes closed, both feel and imagine the breath coming in and moving through your whole body. You feel or imagine it flowing up into the head, down into the arms, the torso, the legs, and right down to the feet and toes. The inhalation can be felt as a loosening and expansion, like a balloon or tire inflating. The exhalation can be experienced as a slow deflation, keeping your attention on it right to the end before inviting the next inhalation. There’s both a symbolic and a tangible aspect to going out completely with the breath and dissolving into space. This kind of spiritual breath meditation with cannabis can unlock healing, deep insights, creativity and more.

Spiritual Effects

Though marijuana’s spiritual effects are often described as gentle, that power can feel intense, and it appears that most people find it easier to handle the amplified spiritual energy of cannabis by directing it toward an external focus. You might even want to jump out of your skin if you try to sit still for a while in the amplifying embrace of the herb.

Meditation Methods

Before embarking on your meditative journey. It is equally important to explore differing meditation methods as it is different strains. From gazing meditation to deep breathing to body mindfulness, there are so many paths of meditation that can help clear your head. So put emphasis on your mental health by embracing meditation, cannabis, and the healing power of a clear and focused mind.

Have your own meditation techniques that are enhanced with cannabis? Tell us about it in the comments.

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