Strain Review: Gelato Sorbet

Strain Review: Gelato Sorbet

Would you like to feel relaxed and uplifted? Do you want to smoke a spectacular strain of high grade marijuana? Gelato Sorbet is available exclusive from NDWUK, this intensely fruity strain creates both relaxing and euphoric effects at the same time, Gelato Sorbet gives a first class experience every time!

Gelato Sorbet is an outstanding hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. Its sativa side gives uplift, energy, and euphoric feelings; then the indica slows it all down and hits the body with relaxation and tingling. I’m less and less a fan of hybrids but this one is just really good.The high THC levels, beautiful tricome-covered buds, and comfy head high will keep you coming back.

Bright white crystals with beautiful orange hairs. The smell is delicious and the taste always makes me want more. Gelato strain was amazingly tough to grind, this particular batch was very sticky and oily… just the way I like it! So I brought out the big guns… The Storz & Bickel Plenty Vape which provides some of the best cooled vapor on the market, with excellent flavor and big clouds. It looks like a hair dryer but I can assure you it is the best you can buy when it comes experiencing the deep tasty flavours of the good herb loud and clear!

Heat up the vape the precisely 190°C by simply turning the dial to 6. Wait till its ready (nice subtle click), and drag away… The sensation is so smooth that you almost feel like you are floating. The flavor were deep and the Plenty Vape is a one of the best ways to experience the true flavour of this premium grade strain.

As you know I am a very frequent smoker (all high quality stock from NDWUK) and my tolerance is obviously quite high. And yet… right now… well over an hour after smoking a moderate amount of Gelato Sorbet, I am ONLY NOW feeling the slightest comedown. My goodness… And the high is just superb. Very elevated mood, super relaxed, incredible body high, heavy eyelids and yet… still energizing.

Gelato Sorbet can be used for any time of the day, for the deep relaxation and euphoria will wash over you!

Gelato Sorbet was an awesome experience! I have a very high tolerance and I normally smoke my flowers so that they bring me down to earth, expand my mind and my creativity. Lots of fruit and berry aromas, I can see now where the name comes from… its truly tastes like an expensive hand made dessert.

Gelato Sorbet is an amazingly sweet tasting strain. It’s uplifting aroma alone is enough to relax your whole body and still remain functional at the same time. It’s smoke is smooth with that strong sweet citrus taste that hits you hard.

Can kind of help with focusing, but smoke too much or give into it, and you’ll knock out. Otherwise, it relaxes you. Very strong head high, kind of feels like you’re floating. Gelato Sorbet is great to have a evening getaway with your thoughts!

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