Celebrating 420 with NDWUK!

Celebrating 420 with NDWUK!

420 is the unofficial global celebration dedicated to cannabis that is marked in various locations around the world every year on the 20th of April. Urban legend dates the origins of 420 to 1971, when Five students allegedly hatched a plan to meet at 4:20pm (after school), where they embarked on a mission to find a plot of cannabis plants that were growing nearby. To celebrate 420 in style, I went on my own personal mission to celebrate 420 in Dublin.

The night before 4/20 I sat there looking at the beautiful nugs of 24k Gold that I had received just that morning from NDWUK and to make my 420 even more epic, I impulsively decided to jump onto a flight to Dublin and see how our Irish brothers and sisters celebrate 420 on the Emerald Isles.


I ground up some nice heavy nugget of 24k Gold and rolled up the tightest joint, then I separated the rest of my weed for a special surprise….

4am April 20th, my alarm went off I jumped out of bed and took my usual 20 minutes to get ready and exactly 4:20 am GMT I lit up and smoked the joint I had prepared the before.

As soon as the THC hit my brain, the munchies kicked in I moved on to prepare my special surprise… THC infused Baked Beans on Toast using 24k Gold. Though my flying time to Dublin was less than an hour, I wanted to make sure that I only fly when I’m high or at least until I land in fair city of Dublin. The Baked Beans were guaranteed to ensure that my THC levels were at optimal levels from Airport to Airport.

So I ground up all the 24k Gold I had left over and infused it with butter at a low heat setting.As my Canna-Butter turned light amber green, I took it off the heat and set it aside.



To prepare my Baked Beans, I fried up some garlic, onion and chilli, popped oper a can of Baked Beans… a swish and sizzle later my Baked Beans were bubbling away, this is the point… the right moment to throw in my freshly infused 24k Gold Canna-Butter all with good herb mixed in… and garnish it off with some fresh coriander… oh, how I wish I had some fresh mariujana leaves as my garnish… but I did!


Finishing up my special 420 breakfast, I called for a Taxi to the Airport… Joy ride… wow!!! The THC was kicking in nice and slow on my way to the airport, with no bags to check in I appeared in the waiting lounge ready to board my flight with no recollection of how I got there… Only a happy smile knowing that I had navigated one of the worst busiest airports while high on THC infused Baked Beans!!!

The flight was nice… well… what I can recall, I was floating in my mind… getting ready for ready for an epic smoke up in Dublin. Touchdown, its like we took of to land.

As I made my way out the airport, I received a message from one of our Patron Members in Dublin inviting me to join her for the annual 420 event in Dublin – Cloud on the Quays. She was my hook -up so it was obvious that she would be the first person I would meet.

We met up at 11:00am, just enough time for me to get from the airport to the Dublin City Centre. She was really nice, she had a heavy blunt rolled up and ready to go… one puff and off course I could tell it was one of NDWUK‘s premium strains – HEADBAND.

We shared some stoner stories, and cracked some 420 jokes before we headed to the banks of the River Liffey. 420 Cloud on the Quays is the largest gathering of cannabis enthusiasts and medical cannabis users on the Island, as I headed in I could smell the sweet air filled with light mists of blunts, bongs, joints and vapes.

Dubliners are the freindliest people you will meet, even before I could reach for the special delivery that had been pre-arranged for me by NDWUK, I was smoking some heavy joints with new friends…

It was 2:00pm by the time I took account of the hours of the day, with only 2 hours left to go I wanted to make sure I satisfied my munchies with an epic meal. So walking through the crowds I heard of the famous Ginos crepes… with my lady friend by my side we trotted of to grab the famous Strawberry Delight Crepe. The joy of this city and all the happy people kept me beaming with joy as I patiently waited for my fresh crepe. If you must eat a crepe eat this crepe, there are no words that can describe it so just eat this crepe.

It was almost time and it felt like Christmas for me. We were back at the quay and the crowd was building. I looked at the clock on the building and it was 4 pm, joints are being passed around, blunts were being shared and in the spirit of 420 we decided to hand out free NDWUK samplers with strains including Headband, 24k Gold, Bubba Kush etc… and Sunset Sherbet vapes for all our 420 friends and patron members


This was a epic trip and it would not have been possible without the never ending support of the team at NDWUK. I want to thank Mel and Mario for making my everyday 4:20 pm ritual possible. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thanks all our members, readers and followers for their continued support.

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