Strain Review: Headband

Strain Review: Headband the Weekend Strain

Headband is a hybridised combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel (cannabis’ power couple) and classified as an Indica-dominant Hybrid. NDWUK brings you this exclusive strain, limited availability. Get your hands on some before it’s gone!

Headband is a famous hybrid that provides a one-of-a-kind experience. Great for headache relief, Headband creates an odd yet pleasant pressure around the cranium. And yes, it actually feels like you’re wearing a headband!

Looks and smells…

The colour is a nice light green. Beautiful nugs with lots of colours, prominent trichomes and very dense. And the nugs were hard and packed with so many crystals. The flowers were pungent and smells like the mix of fuel, skunk, spice, bitter citrus.




Headband is a smooth, creamy smoke which accented by flavours of lemons and diesel while the long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, helping you to relax, and to combat elevated stress levels. The cerebral feeling is OH, SO NICE and the body feeling meets the cerebral feeling in a perfect balance.


Oh so fly. I be so, so high. the world looks like a complete lie….

Oh so high. I be so, so high


Nice body high sets in within a couple minutes, followed by a good strong cerebral buzz. This comes at you in waves. You will think Headband‘s a short high but then the second wave hits you. Like a great roller coaster there’s multiple loops after the first drop. You feel relaxed as if it was a dream.



I find Headband very good for creativity and motivation, while at the same time, depending on tolerance vs amount consumed, it takes you right to the perfect level of relaxation (couch-lock).


The Headband…

I wouldn’t be using Headband to stay alert, it’s the strangest high ever. For me its like someone put a rubber band on the top of my head and it’s tingly. But I’m not high anywhere else. It’s an odd thing for sure.

The strain gives you a good, low humming energy… You just feel yourself get more and more heavy as the high in your head, gives way to a transition of a full body high. It’s actually a great feeling… go from head high and lethargic, to full body high/tingle and into drowsiness.



Weekend Chills..

For me Headband was very potent and well rounded hungry, sleepy sedative, happy, giggly, euphoric. It may cause some anxiety and paranoia if you’re in the wrong setting, so get those incense sticks and candles burning before you settle in for a nice bowl of Headband. Good for a Saturday or a Sunday

Grateful with immediate relief of stress and calming wave of contentment after long week. Headband is pungent & powerful, a bit harsh on the uptake, so newbies beware, but otherwise a 5 star hybrid delight! Highly recommended!

If you prefer something more relaxed that keeps your mind and body at ease, smoke some headband!

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