Strain Review: 24k Gold

Strain Review: 24k Gold

24K Gold is a hybrid cannabis strain combining Kosher Kush, a powerful indica, with Tangy, and uplifting sativa. The first inhale was smooth and tingled my throat just a bit. The exhale was clean. It tastes incredible, very fruity and sweet, this amazing strains is available exclusively from NDWUK. Shop Now!


What to expect…

Flavors wildly unique, sweet citrus very pungent, earthy sweet middle with a strong orange citrus after taste. When smoked, 24K Gold produces a rich, pungent and dank smoke. The aroma and taste is mainly earthy, with strong tangerine undertones.

Flavorwise the smoke tastes very fruity and tangy when inhaling and peppery when exhaling.

The High

An amazing high, not only that but 24K Gold sticks with you for a while. very relaxing, And the high…WoW…it comes on quickly, but then grows over at least an hour before it hits its peak. Like most hybrids, it starts with a head high, which is clear, but strong, and the body high gradually gathers strength until it’s the dominant experience after about an hour. 24K Gold is perfect for chilling out in the evening.

The Onset…

Onset was quick and it really deepened over time. Mostly body effects, but with a fairly strong cerebral element, especially while listening to music.


Closing my eyes, my mind meandered all over the place as colourful light danced to the music.

Before I’m even finished with my bowl of 24K Gold any stress I’ve had is gone, my mood is happy and uplifted and I want to engage more with the world. This is an end of day strain for me. It leaves my body too relaxed to want to do much of anything, not quite couch lock, just cozy feeling. Like you’d want to curl up in blankets and watch a movie.

Quick one…

24K Gold does hit you rather quick…by the time I was ready to go have some fun feeling happy, relaxed, giggly I was calling for my dog not realising he was sitting right next to me the whole time. That made me lose it…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time & things just kept getting funnier from there…



Effects I felt: extremely high, happy euphoria, creative, excited you f$cking name it, the best feeling buzz you can but, like drinking a shot of fucking kick ass have a great awesome day, with very low paranoia! 24K Gold can be used to treat depression, fatigue, insomnia, stress, and inflammation


I have a decent tolerance so 24K Gold shook things up for me in an awesome way!! Uplifting the mind whilst unlocking creativity, mildly easing the body and helping the user relax and feel happy.

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